I can’t say I’ve ever understood why before but with the Accuphase I think I Into specs, the E generates wpc into 8 and wpc into 4. Specifications. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo). Frequency response: 3Hz to kHz. Total harmonic distortion: %. Damping factor: Find great deals for Accuphase E w/ch Integrated Stereo Amplifier Japan Audio. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Accuphase E-460 Manual

I would have chosen the E over the E because of the price difference between the two, i. Please take note that at the time of the completion of this review, Accuphase has replaced the Model E with a new model, the Model E Thanks for all your offers, but if I don’t get a reasonable price, I might as well keep this gear. The E represents a modelchange from the popular E A surround sound system had been employed to accompany the solo clarinetist in a riotous dialogue, with each hit of recorded wood block, drum or triangle sounding crisp and vibrant.

The E incorporates a plethora of proprietary technologies from the Accuphase design team. E or E owners? Make a good offer The Mac just doesn’t compare, nor should it since there is an extreme price difference.


Copyright c Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.

Canto molto appassionato Turning to its sonic qualities, the E shares many of the sonic attributes heard in live performance on that August day last summer within the f-460 ambience of Ozawa Hall at the TMC. Ozawa Hall is a marvel of acoustic design with its wooden porches and rotund shoebox shape, a modern version of Symphony Hall, its grand and more Golden hued cousin in Boston.

Comments from Accuphase on the main fuse: Forums New posts Search forums. Home Product Integrated amplifier E These qualities were even more impressive when partnered with the E It might suit your sound taste.

Get a superb sounding speaker like no other! The main fuse used in the E is a slow blow, 6,3A type in 5 x 20mm. Accuphase Enrich Life through Technology. Because the amplification andvolume control tasks are integrated in a singleelectronic entity without accuphasse variable resistors,performance and sonic purity do not deteriorateover the years, providing excellent reliability.

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I am already very pleased with sound quality of the E as it needs more break-in time. The speakers are back on sale.

Accuphase E-460 180w/ch Integrated Stereo Amplifier 2010 Japan Audio

Post Order or Asylum Reverse Threaded. Plus need money to fund the new direction. Open to reasonable offers! Both items still available. All four integrated were very very nice.


Its a pretty detailed, unbiased review and has quotes form other FM’s who have heard the speakers and amp! On summer evenings, concertgoers picnic on this lawn amid lanterns that illuminate the oak and pine trees that preside over the festivities.

Amp/Preamp Asylum

Privately owned, All Rights Reserved. Moral of the story, increase price to make a quick sale! Need to sell these speakers soon Accuphase E integrated amplifier, posted on June 14, at Amsterdam, The Netherlands Posts: Ozawa Hall feels like a rustic summer camp dining hall, where musical treats are served up in an acoustic space that can only be described as astonishingly neutral and mercurial.

The AAVA electronic circuit unites amplifier and volume control functions in one pathway carried out entirely in the analog domain. Accuphase E Integrated Amplifier. About us Accupase Sales personnel. Accuphase E pictures, posted on June 14, at On the Accuphase E you can disable the peak-meters and volume indication if you do not like it.