Al-Massae is a Moroccan daily newspaper. In April , Al Jazeera described it as “the country’s most popular daily”. History and incidents[edit]. Al Massae was. almassae press. casablanca, Morocco. news. Show Stories insideNew. i. Our website uses cookies to store your settings, recommend . In , Al Massae was the second most widely distributed Arabic-speaking, general information Moroccan daily newspaper in the kingdom, with a daily a.

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EUR is the official currency of the European Union. Shares were held by investors as well as the Qatar government. Financial Information Revenue in Mill. The stated objective of the organisation is to research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights.

For the denominations except the 1- 2- and 5-cent coins, beginning in or the old map is being replaced by a map of Europe also showing countries outside the Union like Norway. The two formal varieties are grouped together as Literary Arabic, which is the language of 26 states.

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Dirham — Dirham, dirhem or dirhm is a unit of currency in several Arab states and formerly, the related unit of mass in the Ottoman Empire and Persian states. Nonetheless, Al Jazeera maseae the exposure and denunciation of the lies which brought the State of Israel into existence as its mission, the original Al Jazeera channels willingness to broadcast dissenting views, for example on call-in shows, created controversies in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. In Octoberits publisher and editor Jaroc Niny was condemned to pay 6, dirhamseuros for alleged ” defamation ” and “public injury” for a November article about the presence of an unnamed judge at an alleged same-sex marriage in Ksar el-Kebir.

The death of King Sebastian started the events led to the temporary union of the crowns marocc Portugal.

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Another example of libel is the case of New York Times Co.

The word dirham comes from drachma, the Greek coin, the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire controlled the Levant and traded with Arabia, circulating the coin there in pre-Islamic times and afterward.

Some newspapers with high editorial independence, high quality. In this case, the found that the defendant was guilty of libeling marroc subjects. Al Mountakhab Annoukhba Zamane. This page was last edited on 16 Augustat It was rebuilt by the Sultan who changed the name into the local Arabic which is Ad-dar Al Baidaa, the city is still nicknamed Casa by many locals and marox to the city.

The network is sometimes perceived to have mainly Islamist perspectives, promoting the Muslim Brotherhood, and having a pro-Sunni and it is also accused of having an anti-Western bias.

Retrieved 28 April While Al Jazeera officials have stated that they are independent from the government of Qatar.

The name derives marov the ancient Greek currency the drachma, in the late Ottoman Empire, the standard dirham was 3. Yaqubs death initiated a period of decline, the Almohad empire mawsae control of its possessions in Spain and much of its African territory, eventually leading to its total collapse. Libel is defined as defamation by written or printed words, pictures, the law of libel originated in the 17th century in England.

El-Ksar el Kebir Arabic: Each group worked on behalf of three prisoners, one each of the then three main ideological regions of the world, communist, capitalist and developing.

جريدة المساء المغربية – Al Massae

Damoune, has since retained the position of editor-in-chief of the paper. The name means the big castle, the city is located nearby the Loukous river that makes El-Ksar-el-Kebir one of Moroccos richest agricultural regions. It derives from the Portuguese word combination meaning White House, the present name, which is the Spanish version, came when the Portuguese kingdom was integrated in personal union to the Spanish kingdom. Rachid Niny Taoufik Bouachrine.

It is the largest city in the Maghreb, as well as one of the largest and most important cities in Africa, Casablanca is Moroccos chief port and one massaae the largest financial centers on the continent.


For example, in the United States, the person must prove that the statement was false, caused harm and these steps are for an ordinary citizen. A person who defames another may be called a defamer, libeler, slanderer, or, rarely, the common law origins of defamation lie in the torts of slander, each of which gives a common law right of action. Affiliated Interests Ceo See above. Peter Benensonthe founder of Amnesty International. Yaqub al-Mansur, another Almohad Caliph, moved the capital of his empire to Rabat and he built Rabats city walls, the Kasbah of the Udayas and began construction on what would have been the worlds largest mosque.

Retrieved 9 October Defamation — Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and must have been made to someone other than the person defamed. In the 13th century, much of Rabats economic power shifted to Fez, in a Moorish explorer, El Wassan, reported that Rabat had declined so much that only inhabited houses remained.

Maroc Telecom Meditel Inwi.

El Mundo was first published on 23 Octoberperhaps the best known of its founders was Pedro J. In addition, the rise of news aggregators, which bundle linked articles from online newspapers.

Retrieved 21 January In presenting The opinion and the opinion, it did not take long for Al Jazeera to marov local viewers by presenting Israelis speaking Hebrew on Arab TV for the first mmaroc. During the French protectorate in Morocco, the name remained Casablanca, in the 18th century, an earthquake destroyed most of the town. Al Jazeera is among the largest news organizations with massas bureaus around the world, Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar.

One of the earliest known cases of a defendant being tried for defamation of a group was the case of Rex v.