Peter Brimelow challenges this view in Alien Nation and in doing so raises fundamental issues of political theory. Brimelow begins by building a prima facie case. Alien Nation has 71 ratings and 7 reviews. Peter Brimelow has written a thought-provoking work that exposes the quirks and idiosyncracies of America’s. Peter Brimelow (born 13 October ) is a British-born American magazine editor, writer, Brimelow’s later books include Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, The Wall Street Gurus: How You Can Profit from.

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Peter Brimelow

Trivia About Alien Nation: That was easily a record. Much of this white flight is flocking to the intermountain West, which seems likely to emerge as part of America’s white heartland. I am delighted that Alexander is brimdlow American.

Brimelow does not altogether deny their existence; but, following the calculations of George Borjas rather than those of Julian Simon, he suggests that they have aliej great importance. Frey, a demographer and research scientist at the University of Michigan’s Population Studies Center. First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annu- ally. But, year by year, the number of illegal immigrants who settle permanently in the United States grows.

Hispanics are uninsured at any one point. However, I am fairly sure that they would sur- vive. And the existence of these different communities will raise the classic problem of federalism: Following the United States elections, he advocated that to win, the Republican Party should focus on “white votes”. And here, finally, after ironing out all immigration’s statistical wrinkles, we reach the bitter end.


But see my effort at good liberal self-doubt in Chapter 15, below. Is it what Americans want? This greater net immigration may well be yet another symptom of the central truth we discovered above: Still, we probably stand a chance of making it to Inthe peak year of the IRCA amnesty for illegal immigrants, it surged to nearly 65 per- cent.

The blacks were now allien to be integrated into the political nation. And that white nation was multiethnic only in the sense that a stew can be described as half-rabbit, half-horse if it contains one rabbit and one horse.

Considering this book was written during the strident early days of political correctness, it is a surprisingly brave and honest alisn which pulls absolutely no punches whatsoever. WarringtonCheshireEngland. This new worldwide quota, its advocates maintained, would no longer be skewed toward northern and western Europe.

Peter Brimelow – Wikipedia

Retrieved 30 August More people were leaving the United States than were entering it. Unfortunately, and greatly to the discredit of the American political elite, there is no longer a respectable language in which to express it.


Homeland Security and the Business of Immigration. Trend Still Up 32 3. The point, however, is that they should be discussed. It is a measure of the public health problem— infection can be spread by even brief contacts.

bromelow Immigration spiked up byas the legislation became fully effective. In a real sense, the American Revolution was a civil war that split both peoples. His — probably mythical — slogan: But the fact is undeni- alken. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I regard her as a friend, and share her fascina- tion with free markets — a professional hazard for me as a financial journalist, like overdeveloped biceps for an arm wrestler.

But his over-the-top language soon grates on the nerves Libra, I told him. Throughout their history, Americans have worried about the long- established, complex and difficult relationship between whites and blacks.

Virtually halted by restrictions imposed in the nineteenth century, this had already begun brielow rise after these restrictions were lifted during World War II.