Palermo: Sellerio Editore, Softcover. Item # ISBN: A fine copy. A mystery featuring the Commissario Montalbano. In the Italian. Il cane di terracotta | Le indagini del commissario Montalbano | Italian By Andrea Camilleri; Price: £; ISBN: ; Availability: Limited Stock. Il cane di terracotta by Andrea Camilleri, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Ha pubblicato numerosi saggi sullo spettacolo e il volume, I teatri stabili in Italia Suggerisci il libro ad un amico Caro lettore, inserisci i tuoi dati e quelli di una persona alla quale desideri inviare questa segnalazione.

Andrea Camilleri Porto Empedocle,regista di teatro, televisione, radio e sceneggiatore. Puoi inoltre aggiungere un messaggio per personalizzare la e-mail.

Caro lettore, inserisci i tuoi dati e quelli di una persona alla quale desideri inviare questa segnalazione. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

La scomparsa di Patò

It is the second novel in the internationally popular Inspector Montalbano series. The story starts off with “Tano Il Greco”, a tired mafia boss, making a deal with Montalbano to stage his arrest in order for him to save camilleru. It turns out Lisetta’s cousin Lillo, who had been very fond of his little cousin, had put up the couple at Lisetta’s camlileri in his house. This knowledge, however, does not satisfy the inspector, as while he had deciphered the identity of the couple and the reason for their murder, the ritualistic method of their burial still remained a mystery.

La scomparsa di Patò di Andrea Camilleri – Sellerio

The Ancrea Dog First edition Italy. I contenuti inseriti in questa pagina saranno pubblicati sul sito nei prossimi giorni, previa valutazione dell’editore. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This article about a crime novel of the s is a stub. An old man, Misucara, who was witness to the robbery, then dies in a suspicious accident, but not before passing on an odd bit of information to the inspector: Tuttavia, vi ricordiamo che non possiamo assicurarvi una risposta.

Le ipotesi sono tante. And once he has a suspect for the person that conducted the ritual burial, Montalbano stages an elaborate ploy to get onto the TV news so that maybe his suspect living in some other part of Italy might get his message and return to the site of the crime 50 years later.


While chasing down a mafia crime, Montalbano finds a cave with symbolic artifacts and the bodies of two young lovers, hidden since World War II. Believing that his ship was to be called to sail soon, Mario had implored Lisetta to come see him one wndrea time, and she had run away then, which resulted in the two lovers presumably cakilleri killed when discovered by the jealous father of Lisetta. Antonio Sellerio reperibile allo stesso indirizzo.

The arrest causes Anfrea to have to appear at a press conference and be considered for promotion, both of which he does not appreciate. Con questa casa editrice ha pubblicato: Terracota HardcoverPaperback.

I dati saranno trattati da incaricati interni con mansioni commerciali o amministrative e potranno essere comunicati a terzi per il completamento di adempimenti obbligatori o per l’esecuzione di alcune prestazioni quali ad esempio la spedizione e la gestione degli ordini.

At the same time there has also been a seemingly unrelated and mysterious theft of a grocery store delivery truck; the truck is discovered the next morning, abandoned, with the stolen goods still within and intact.

Inviaci la tua recensione Caro lettore, se desideri puoi inviarci la tua recensione di questo libro e condividerla con altri lettori. The young couple turn out to be Lisetta, a local girl with a sexually abusive father, and her lover Mario, a young Italian soldier stationed at a repair ship that had been docked for an extended period at the town of Vigata.

Antonio Sellerio reperibile allo stesso indirizzo 5.

While it was the second of the published books, the movie was actually produced by RAI out of order, two years later inas the 4th film. The Shape Of Water. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

When Tano ends up dying at the hands of mafia rivals during a police transfer, he passes on information to Montalbano that leads the inspector and his team to search for terracotta secret cave used as a black market goods store during WWII and now used for smuggling arms for the mafia, in which the grocery store owner was complicit. Inviaci la tua recensione. Views Read Edit View history.


The Terracotta Dog – Wikipedia

He then left Sicily in the hopes of putting all this behind him, until the Inspector resurrected the lovers with his discovery. Autore Andrea Camilleri Porto Empedocle,regista di teatro, televisione, radio e sceneggiatore. Learning that the bodies were placed herracotta around the allied invasion sbarcare and devastating bombing of the island at the end of World War II, Montalbano interviews local residents from that time to try to csne together who the young couple were, why they were killed and why they were ritually buried.

One thing that puzzles Montalbano as he learns more about the ritual burial is that it doesn’t make sense, because it is a fi of different traditions, and this leads him to look for someone who might have knowledge of different burial rites. Ai sensi dell’articolo 13 del D. CrimeMystery novel. Vaga per le campagne, smemorato?

Il cane di terracotta

Lillo, in his rage, then killed the man. Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles.

Montalbano notices that the inside of the cave is not symmetrical and figures out there must be a secret room, where he discovers the mummified bodies of two young lovers, carefully arranged in what appears to be some kind of ancient ritual guarded by a terracotta dog.

Suggerimenti Chi ha consultato la tsrracotta di questo libro ha guardato anche: Cari lettori, se volete scrivere ad uno dei nostri autori saremo lieti di inoltrare le vostre lettere. Due to his academic work in studying the legend, he invokes both Christian and Islamic elements in the ritual.

However, the couple had been killed one day when Lillo was out of the house by Lisetta’s father’s man. Inserisci la tua email.