Common name: Indian Wormwood, Fleabane, Mugwort • Hindi: नागदोना Nagdona, दवना Davana • Manipuri: লেইবাক ঙৌ Leibakngou. Natural products are the main stay of the alternative system of medicine. Artemisia nilagirica is commonly known as the Indian wormwood. Undershrubs, ca. m tall, aromatic, perennial, fruticose; stems paniculately branched, incanus, pubescent or tomentose. Leaves simple alternate, upper ones.

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In children asthma can be caused by viral infection of respiratory tract or common cold [ 3031 ].

Tissue culture of Artemisia annua: Among the tested extracts, the highest total antioxidant capacity was observed for ANE with a value of Koch Artemisia spicigera K. It is also worth to mention that the percentage of inhibition by ANE ranged from Both these trends mean that scientists and pharmaceutical companies are urgently looking for new drug sources and are increasingly turning nilagriica eyes to traditional medicine.

Artemisia nilagirica () Pamp. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

In the modern world of therapy, medicines are in major short of new treatments. ROS are considered as tumorigenic due to their capacity to enhance cell growth, survival and cellular migration. The moderate amounts were recorded in ANA 5. Medicinal plants possess many therapeutic activities among which antibacterial properties play a major role.

It also decreased the production of nitrate ion hence, minimizing the lung inflammation of asthmatic animal models and relieving bronchial congestion when compared to ovalbumin treated group. Another study showed the precence of essential oils in A.


Also to our concern, these are getting resistant to synthetic market drugs over the time. To evaluate the growth potential of this callus for shoot induction, the callus was excised from the explants, divided into small pieces 0. Habitat destruction for agricultural purposes and low seed nilaigrica is a major concern for the propagation of these plants.

Compliance with ethical standards Conflict of interest Authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. Induction of multiple shoots from callus The organogenic ability of the callus was observed by the application of 2.

The healing potential of this medicinal plant is so efficient that it is still recommended as Ayuvedic drug. Ling Artemisia zollingeriana Sch. In modern world, use of medicines such as antibiotics are causing resistance towards many pathogenic bacteria. Nilagirics ANE extract had more alkaloid content i. The results are shown in Table 1. The extracts were also subjected to quantify the presence of phytochemical constituents such as total phenolics, total flavonoids, tannins, and titerpenoids.

Similar reports showing the genetic stability of micropropagated plants was reported in Centaurea nilairica and Nepenthes khasiana Mallon et al. An important criterion in the search of anticancer compound s with therapeutic potential is to determine whether they show toxic effects on normal cells.

Artemisia olchonensis Leonova Artemisia oliveriana J. Gay ex Besser Artemisia ordosica Krasch. Zrtemisia acid-positive control, exhibited highest scavenging effects at minimal concentrations Table 2 ; Figure 1D. The reaction was triggered by adding 0. Thirty regenerated plants from tissue culture were selected randomly and their qualitative and quantitative morphological traits were studied in detail.


Hawaiian Native Plant Propagation Database. The findings of this study provide evidence that A. Effect of different cytokinins on multiple shoot regeneration from callus cultures was previously reported in Jatropha curcas Maharana et al. Artemisia arborescens tree wormwood, or sheeba in Arabic is an aromatic herb indigenous to the Middle East used in tea, usually with mint. The plant is also useful for leucorrhoea, threatened abortion, haemoptysis, skin diseases, vomiting, colic, rheumatism and fever [ 12 ].

India Biodiversity Portal

Similar positive effect of lower salt strength of media on rhizogenesis has been reported earlier in Feronia limonia Hiregoudar et al. Compositae against Anopheles stephensi and Aedes aegypti. The scavenging activity in terms of superoxide anions was evaluated by the nitro-blue tetrazolium NBT reduction method [ 29 ] with little modifications.

As displayed in Table 2IC 50 values for the different extracts showed wide variability, ranging between Send a request for permission. In vitro manipulation and propagation of medicinal plants. Artemisia species grow in temperate climates of both hemispheres, usually in dry or semiarid habitats.

Artemisia subchrysolepis Filatova Artemisia sublessingiana Krasch. The study also indicated the presence of high total phenolic and flavonoid content The result showed that extracts had the capacity to protect the liver membrane phospholipids from undergoing oxidative deterioration.