South Korea’s top spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, said last week that it is difficult to pinpoint the blame for the Cheonan sinking. ABSTRACT. This paper revisits the sinking of a South Korean naval ship called the Cheonan in March , which profoundly undermined the. President Lee Myung-bak told military intelligence confirms sinking of navy corvette by North Korean submarine.

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Park Seon-won’s response to the charge was: A separate investigation conducted by scientists at the University of Manitoba yielded results that conflict with the official investigation’s findings.

Retrieved 20 May North Korea denies involvement. Members and relatives of the South Korean navy sought a court injunction to block the film’s release on the basis that the film distorted the facts.

North Korea: ‘No apology’ for S Korea Cheonan sinking – BBC News

Cheonsn area is the site of considerable tension between the two states; although it was provided in the armistice agreement for the stalemate of the Korean war that the islands themselves belonged to the South, the sea boundary was not covered by the armisticeand the sea is claimed by the North.

The torpedo parts found on the seabed matched those of a captured North Korean torpedo taken by South Korea seven years ago. Retrieved 3 April The reclusive North has denied it had anything to do with the sinking near the disputed area off the west coast that has been the scene of two deadly naval battles in the past decade.


He reiterated that it was risky to speculate over the cause, and the joint military and civilian slnking team would determine the cause.

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Retrieved 8 July Archived from the original on 8 June Archived from the original on 18 February The Washington Post reported on 19 Maythat a team of investigators from Sweden, Australia, Britain, and the United States had concluded that a North Korean torpedo sank the ship. On 13 Septemberthe full report was released.

US blocks North Korean assets. At the time, a spokesman for the South Korean military stated that there was no evidence that North Korea had been involved in the incident.

On Friday, 26 Marchan explosion was reported to have occurred near Cheonana Pohang -class corvette[23] near the stern of the ship at 9: Retrieved 26 November In no particular order, the top ten theories and unanswered questions on the sinking of the Cheonan are:.

Korea’s torpedo attack in final report”.

Cheonan sinking was orchestrated by intelligence agency led by Kim Yong-chul: defense chief

Archived from the original on 4 February Retrieved 26 December Retrieved 25 April If the South puppet group comes out with sinkimg and ‘retaliation’, sinkking will respond strongly with ruthless punishment including the total shutdown of North-South ties, abrogation of the North-South agreement on non-aggression and abolition of all North-South cooperation projects.

In announcements made soon after the sinking, the snking said that any draft presented by South Korea would explicitly state that North Korea was responsible for the incident, but by early July, the language had been reduced to only referring to “those responsible,” in response to concerns from Russia. Suh 15 July Not a very useful outlook. Lee said during a speech in the national assembly that while the Defense Ministry had said there was no feed from a thermal observation device showing the moment the warship’s stern and bow split apart, such a video did exist.


On 24 May, new reports indicated Kim Jong-il had ordered the armed forces of North Korea to siking ready for combat a week before. Defector8 December The original report, however, did not assert that a conventional torpedo strike had occurred, but rather that the torpedo had exploded underneath the ship, thus breaking its back.

North Korea: ‘No apology’ for S Korea Cheonan sinking

Or did they agree to a US cover-up operation? We will hunt them down and make them pay a bigger price.

The New York Times. In no particular order, the top ten theories and unanswered questions on the sinking of the Cheonan are: Archived from the original PDF on 9 March Strategy research project at the U.

We will not let these be the basis of any risks the nation faces. Lee’s government has come under criticism for what many see as its overly cautious handling of North Korea’s possible link to the sinking, which is thought to have killed 46 sailors.