2 Mar As a Club Mahindra member, you’ll find that holidaying with your family becomes a habit. That’s why, we offer you 7N/8D of free stay every year. 15 Oct Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. 17 Oct Upon enrollment to the membership of Club Mahindra Holidays, we have advertisement including corporate advertisement, brochure etc.

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Our holiday activity managers are always ready with a variety of fun activities for you and your family every day dlub be it bbrochure sports, aquatic sports, camping trips, treks, indoor sports, family games,hobby programmes and assorted workshops that add a bit of learning to a lot of fun. Probably drain is better! But even there was false committment in Pitch. But they just don’t reply for my requests in email. It is certainly not for impulsive traveler and as you become a family person, you cease to be impulsive as things need to be planned ahead.

We notice you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer.

And then there is capacity expansion in terms of the number of rooms. Realizing that I am being fooled I applied for cancellation in September month.

Every mahindfa in this resort marketing service know very well all these negative things but they do not reveal all these major negative thing. We wish to bring to your notice and register a complaint about the modus operandi operated by Club Mahindra Holidays for memberships and the subsequent After-sale Service status of the customer once he is in their clientele dragnet.

I am ready to offer mine to him. If it is just one EMI time and effort spent might not be worth. A holiday that fits all mahindea So now he was convinced that I am not buying this product. I think your first para pretty much summarised this entire blog.


I would be grateful if I could get the email address of Mr Anand Mahindra. Couldn’t think of a better place to put up these Club Mahindra related brocyure to get noticed – you can read my blog http: I’m aware of that.

And my primary concern still remains: Build your joys with EMIs! Hi Shri, Unfortunately I am among those who fell in their trap.

Digital Brochures

Just few days back I got club Mahindra offer and I denied to accept but I did n’t read ur review article. He explained the company price policy and installment facilities. Brief description of yourself Single, Married, Married with small children, middle class, service, business man etc. Regarding selling the membership: Agreed that when I have kids my expense will be higher, but I am hopping for the bullish travel industry to give me better deals in the years to come both in India and abroad.

We give you the option to split your quota of 7 days of holidays into 2 or 3 holidays in a year. Fine print clearly states you can only send someone else in you place and can never get anything back I do not mean to discount the emotional aspect at all. I told him that this is not a sellers market, this is buyer dominated market and if I think your product is nice I’ll buy it at any price.

If it can go wrong, chances are that it will go wrong.

Very very informative post Nidhi, I’m really impressed! And they had to bluntly cut it all saying – “sir we can do these gift voucher reservations only by email. I feel club mahindra is not for people concentrating on sight seeing, using accomadation just for spending the night. But then nobody in this world is totally perfect Club Mahindra has been utterly unprofessional in every way. No Schemes and No Plans. Everyone I speak to on their board line reads out that previous email which had the good availability news as my last mail.


But Club Mahindra being a big corporate, is expected to show a higher obligation towards its commitment Surejosh, Thanks for sharing that info.

Know about Club Mahindra Membership Fee Details & Other Benefits

They need to correct their approach. But I have known people who have made better returns.

I feel I have been cheated for Rs. Please help brocuhre managers. After going through al these, at last, I have decided that I will not go for it. Offer comes from what you pay so that is not some thing given free. But after going there and saying no to there membership we were no given that free voucher.

It all started on July Consider leaving your identity behind. It sounded a little bit biased, to be honest, but many reactions were going to extremes. I want to have a week of relaxed holidays every year. Many feel I’m funded by CM competition to write this. He told me that Zest resorts are exclusively for Zest members. I took a wrong decision and am unable to come out of it. They promise one week stay at their resorts to all members. As you rightly pointed out, the annual subscription fee is based on the consumer price index and it does increase year on year.

Dear Alfa, Thanks for that detailed comment.