An early 18th century British spy in the Ottoman lands revealed covert operations designed to spread separatism across the Muslim world. Confessions of a British Spy has 14 ratings and 1 review. Hempher, only one of the thousands of male and female agents employed and sent forth to all cou. 1 May Confessions of a British Spy. Topics Islam. Collection opensource. An eye opener for all. Identifier ConfessionsOfABritishSpy. Identifier-ark.

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An early 18th century British spy in the Ottoman lands revealed covert operations designed to spread separatism across the Muslim world.

This page was last edited on 13 Augustat I launched a campaign of praising him everywhere. She accepted to help, so I gave her the nickname Safiyya.

Since both ‘Umar and ‘Alee are dead today, maintaining these controversies would serve no useful purpose. For Shiites did not read books; they only recognized scholars, and did not show due respect to the Sultan.

Hempher was an autobiographical account of a British spy who had infiltrated the Ottoman Empire in the early s. Indeed, it is a very high book. Yet the secretary was still glad because, he said, he the person who had remained in Egypt had not betrayed any secrets.

Confessions of a British Spy by Mr. Hempher

You are the only scholar who will spread Islam all over the world. It is doubtless that he was very much superior to geniuses. In consternation, I said to the man that Christians did not say so. I expect that Islam will be renovated and improved in your hands.


While he did resort to such aides as “alcohol and fornication,” his main instrument was political: Although the Ottoman sultan had been “kind and spg to the Shi’a of Iraq, Hempher managed to turn them against the sultan by joining their circles of religious instruction.

His statements cannot be of a documentary capacity. It is widely available on the Internet, including at http: Yet he suspected me at the very beginning and subjected me to a shower of questions. Our Prophet ‘sall-allaahu alaihi wa sallam’ stated, “After me Muslims shall part into seventy-three groups. For you are single. It was stated as follows in hadeeth-i- shereefs: I would not go to work on Britissh, a holiday briish Muslims.

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy to the Middle East – Wikipedia

For this reason he did not want to part company with me and insisted that I should make my home in Istanbul. Together with their advisers and scribes, they would collect information on their assigned districts. History has shown that ‘The source of all sorts of revolutions is public rebellions.

Basra was a city of tribes with a mixed population of Arabs, Persians and a relatively small number of Christians. bbritish

Confessions of a British Spy

I am afraid to explain my knowledge to people. Shiites exploited these erroneous statements to promulgate their sect. To ask other readers questions about Confessions of a British Spyplease sign up. In one particular instance, he recalled encountering one of these copycat spies, who was posing as a Shiite religious scholar, but at that time Hempher was not aware that the scholar was actually a spy like himself.


Jafeer added it Oct 27, One of these agents went missing in Yemen, while another went missing in Russia.

I thought this piece of wood was harmful for the mouth and teeth. It’s a shame there aren’t any. Yet, being cohfessions Christian, I have not believed in his Prophethood yet. The arrogant youngster, Muhammad of Najd, would follow his nafs his sensuous desires in understanding the Qur’aan and the Sunna.

Arara marked it as to-read Dec 10, Contessions does not mean to prohibit ijtihaad. According to Hempher, he is one of 5, British agents with the assignment of weakening Muslims, which the British government plans to increase toby the end of the 18th century.

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher: Confessions of a British spy

But its real task was to search for ways of taking control of the very vast lands of India. The Ministry of Sp assigned a commission from each of the colonies for the execution of these two tasks.

I think, from then on, he was resolved to publicize the ideas I had imbued him with and to establish a new sect. Inasmuch as the statements of the Ahl-i-Bayt are the explanations of the Qur’aan, why should it be necessary to explain it by hadeeths?

For a few days later, I saw to my disappointment that the imaam suspected that I was a Turkish spy. I moved my belongings to the carpenter’s shop well before the month of Rajab.

Britieh favored this idea of mine.