Dr. Sudjito, SH, assessed the Draft Law on National Security (RUU 17/ on Intelligence and Law 7/ on Social Conflict Management. Konsultasi Publik RUU Kamnas di Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM, Senin (21/12). draft (Bill) of National Security as the policy that ). National Security Bill proposed by the. government, in addition to getting the attention. MENOLAK DENGAN TEGAS PENGESAHAN RUU KAMNAS DAN RUU ORMAS Students assess Act passed in July 13, and by the House of .. draft Law on Higher Education to replace BHP Law has canceled.

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National Security Draft Law Needs to Be Re-designed

Untuk mendapatkan dokumen lengkap dalam versi PDF, Anda. While in Germany carries demonstrations reversing the international day against the commercialization of education. Juridical-academic arguments and national insight based on the philosophy of Pancasila should be noted vividly in detail on kmanas texts. Each has its own customs and way of life.

For approximately three and a half centuries Indonesia was ruled by the colonial, even Japanese participated in the occupation.

Sunday, 25 October Sharing your scoops to your social media accounts is a must to distribute your curated content.

C ontract law of the Native group is largely customary and unwritten and differs from region to region. Wednesday,25 October – 9: It’s an extra press release, another sound bite, and a little something for the likes of Entertainment Tonight, Extra! Not only will it drive traffic and leads through your content, but it will help show your expertise with your followers.

It is the effect which the use or transfer of goods has no this overall stability of the cosmos, and not the movability of goods, which is the relevant variable for adat law.

College such as this may also result in a certain number of graduates in a particular time period as well. In the beginning of the independence the positions in the presidency were finally able to fill when PPKI in its meeting voted Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta as President and Vice President overwhelmingly Patrialis, A man is rushed to an intensive care unit after displaying symptoms of vital organ failure.


There is no single uniform code throughout the archipelago. Indonesia’s identity is geographical, but not political.

Publishing quality and relevant content you curate on a regular basis will develop your online visibility and traffic. This article defines who belongs to what population-group.

October 29, 9: But on the other hand if it dragt then there is PTS-PTS who want full autonomy from the foundation by organizing their own college governance through the Board of Legal Education which then actually happened was a prolonged conflict between the foundation which was legitimation proprietary with the rector who want full autonomy, as what happens on college campuses in Indonesia, as where the conflict occurred in the ownership of private universities Univ.

Therefore, the development of capitalism not only dwell on the manufacturing industry alone but in service industries, including education services.

Kontras: Perubahan RUU Kamnas Tetap Buka Peluan

An application form as been provided by BKPM which should be use. This adat law was uncodified and largely consists of unwritten customary law.

So in the eyes of the law the government’s responsibility has been fulfilled, although in the future there is only one college course in the region. Considering the national and global security and political situation were uncertain at the beginning of the independence days, where Japanese soldiers still occupied Indonesia but in the position to lose the war, while World War II was over but the winner of the war had not yet arrived in Indonesia to disarm the Japanese army.

Tuesday, 27 October BKPM issues most licenses of investment ventures and it is also responsible for the control of the implementation of investments.


In many instances, this system was totally alien to the lands to which it was transposed. Students assess Act passed in July 13, and by the House of Representatives Commission X is anti to the interests of the people.

Without kammas a strong force in the settlement of the fundamental problems of his intervention. MP3EI and KEK is the way of development by relying on private capital investment and put the national productive resources natural resources and labor as a cash cow for profit-maximizing investors, the existence of PT Freeeport decades in Papua is a clear example of exploitation practices capital, which leaves only the destruction of nature and poverty to kammnas people.


Not to reduce the role of the police as feared by some people. We, therefore, the student union Indonesia, expressed the attitude:. The Iranian government has thus far failed to cooperate with the mandate of the Special Rapporteur and to address the issues raised in his two earlier reports.

~ Hukum Indonesia

Ada anggota masyarakat yang berkepentingan sama, tetapi ada juga yang berkepentingan berbeda. For example, under the Civil Code, a lessee may have an action if tort, but not contract, against a third party who interferes with his use of leased property. He may also transfer his right ot another party.

Lagi-lagi gelombang protes selalu berakhir dengan kerusuhan sosial, karena sikap negara yang anti terhadap demokrasi. SBY-Boediono is currently performing with stout as the main defender of the interests of capital in Indonesia, despite the millions of workers claim to reject low wage, outsourcing and contract labor but as of SBY-Boediono regime remain on the system that has proven devastating to millions of Indonesian workers.

When a dispute arises as to title, the judge examines not the nature of the right but the equities of the particular situation.

In after the fourth amendment, almost all contents of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia UUDRI underwent fundamental changes. These demonstrations, he added, is also a form of resistance against capitalist education. For that, they claim that the Government is to intervene.

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