Steven Eisman is an American businessman and investor During a speech entitled “Subprime Goes to College” during the Ira Sohn Conference in May Eisman attacked companies. In a speech titled “Subprime Goes to College,” delivered Wednesday at the Ira Sohn Investment Research Conference, Eisman blasted the. One of those managers was Steven Eisman of FrontPoint Partners Steven Eisman & FrontPoint Partners entitled, ‘Subprime Goes to College’.

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I cannot emphasize enough that gainful employment changes the business model. They also go subbprime GI Bill money and currently have separate teams set up to specifically target military students.

Retrieved 20 November In many cases, Subprrime much, not much at all. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! In other words, she was directly in charge of regulating the industry she had previously lobbied for. Eisman thinks he has identified the next ‘subprime’ so to speak and gave a presentation at the Ira Sohn Conference entitled, “Subprime Goes to College. Additionally, there are also numerous high profile detractors such as Jim Chanos who gave a negative presentation on for-profit education at last year’s conference.

There is no regard to whether a student really belongs in school, the goal is to enroll as many as possible. Read Next Fulsome prison blues.

Default rates on student loans are already starting to skyrocket. After the Department of Education took action against for-profit colleges inthe industry retaliated by accusing Eisman of attempting to illegally influence the government and calling for an investigation by the Secretary of Education. So the key question to ask is — what do these students get for their education?


For-profit colleges fighting back hard

After offering testimony to Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee on problems with for-profit higher education, Eisman was criticized by progressive groups such as Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington on the grounds that he stood to profit from proposed regulations due to his short positions against private colleges.

He attended the University of Pennsylvaniagraduating magna cum laude in And now, Eisman has joined the mix with his negative view too. If nothing is done, then we are on the cusp of a new social disaster. This would force universities to lower their tuition, or face declining enrollment because fewer students could afford school.

And the days of raising tuition would be over; in many cases, tuition will go down. How do such schools stay in business?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That said, we’ve also noted that some of these managers have had a recent change of heart.

Trending Now on Fisman. Retrieved from ” https: The industry has gotten hysterical over this rule because it knows that to comply, it will probably have to reduce tuition. He has been married to Valerie Feigen since By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


This formula maximizes the amount of Title IV loans and grants that these students receive. The latest trend of for-profit institutions, meanwhile, is to acquire accreditation through the outright purchase of small, financially distressed non-profit institutions.

Leaving politics aside for a moment, the other major reason why the industry has taken an ever increasing share of government dollars is that it has turned the typical education model on usbprime head.

For-profit college group: “Eisman is a self-serving nutcase” – Apr. 21,

Posted by market folly at Ira Sohn Conference Notes: On the date of purchase, Franciscan now Ashford had students. The group, run by partners including Steve’s parents, Elliott and Lillian Eisman, manages portfolios of stocks for wealthy clients. Suvprime order to be eligible for Title IV programs, the universities must be accredited. And this growth has resulted in spectacular profits and executive salaries. We mention tuition prices as little as possible.

But when the Bush administration took over, the DOE gutted many of the rules that governed the conduct of this industry. It did better inreturning The New York Times.