Energjia e erës ose fuqia e erës nxirret nga rrjedhja e ajrit duke përdorur turbinat mekanike, pompat e erës për pompimin e ujit, dhe velat për të lëvizur anijet. TEMA: Burimet alternative te energjise dhe; ruajtja e mjedisit; Nentema: Perdorimi I energjise se eres; Grupi 1; Armora Rama; Aldo Gjini; Daniela Çereku; Ermal. Masat e veçanta për promovimin e përdorimit të energjisë nga energjia e . Në vitin , potencialet për energji diellore, të erës, biomasës dhe gjeo-termale.

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Erlet Shaqe was born on November 12, in Korca, Albania. After fall of Pashalik of Yanina his relatives and family moved to Vithkuq and Lubonja,where they had land properties.

Erlet Shaqe born is an Albanian writer and engineer. Recognition Erlet’s works have been published in Albanian language.

Nje histori indiane Vacation in Nice – NovelAlbanian: Erlet’s novels draw on realistic history with passion and tragic love. Also he is the first writer of Gustav Klimt life and art work in Albanian language. Selected works The following Shaqe novels and engineering work have been translated into English in chronological order of first publication: Imagjinata Indian History – Novel Albanian: The following Shaqe novels and engineering work have been translated into English in chronological order of first publication:.


In the revolution against Ottoman Empire to gain Independence for all the land of Epirus and Albania was decisive for all the people who lived in this part of Balkan during this time.

In the s he focused on short stories until the publication of his first novel and poetry book, Dashuri e Pakthyeshme.


Eficenca energjise ne ndertesa Energy Application Albanian: He is from an ancient Epirus rres established in Follorina and Janina during under the Pashalik of Yanina. His relatives are known as activist and fighter of communism regime in Albania, where they have been persecuted for a long erss since Siddhesh Joshi Editor I am a simple man trying to live a simple life!!!!!! Inhe was awarded from the Polytechnic University of Tirana for his research in renewable energy in Albania; he is well known for his composition in electronic music, and his philanthropy in different academic projects mostly in E-Learning and religious charity.


He is also creator of the academic project DuaLibra philanthropic project, which helps Albania academic system dres first E-Learning system in country.

Imagination – NovelAlbanian: Energjia e Rinovueshme, Energjia e Eres. He is known for his novels and poetry, although he was first noticed for his engineering and research work.