LAURA. [Vera. Caspary] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. bce, hardcover. Tight spine. Pages and boards in overall excellent. Laura is one of the most perfect movies ever made. A mystery over a murder, unrequited love and a twist at the end come together in this film, directed by . A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Laura by Vera Caspary.

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Jun 12, Jeffrey Keeten rated it really liked it Shelves: Caspary used a unique narrative structure to create an atmospheric and involving novel of mystery and romance which has stood the test of time. Waldo Lydecker opens the novel with an abundance of witty, stinging prose, much as he narrates the opening of the film and soon after relishes in a long flashback explaining his relationship casapry Laura to Detective Mark McPherson.

Feb 15, Realini rated it really liked it. Their conversation is repeatedly interrupted because Waldo must arrange seven or eight rich dishes and sauces just so. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Laura by Vera Caspary

Why does Waldo say that he first met Laura in ’34 on page 12but then mentions going to a show with caspxry in “the fall ’33” on page Morally, Laura’s only equal is Mark McPherson, the hardboiled detective who begins by investigating Laura’s murder; then investigates Laura for murder; and finally becomes her true love and savior.

I should have been an actor. To view it, click here. She took a studio in Greenwich Village, and reveled in Bohemian life at a time “when sexual inhibition was to be avoided like pregnancy and a repressed libido shunned like a dose of clap. Yessss but I doubt I would be if I hadn’t seen the movie a million times.


Laura (Stage Play)

I immediately bought it because, as we all know, books are always better than the films. I don’t usually put too many details of the actual story in my reviews because I wouldn’t know where to stop and I’d end up re-telling the entire story. The storm was coming closer”, and indeed, what a storm it then is. Return to Book Page.

Lydecker likes o pontificate on a number of subjects his own magnificence, culture, food, manners, etcbut relevant to the story might be his opinion on crime literature: Gabe Smith added it Jul 10, The major plot points are kept intact although many of the details are changed.

Shelby comes from a different world. A twist that has been copies many times. Laura Hunt was killed and a suspicious detective, Mark McPherson is in charge with the investigation. All these things throw suspicion on her; nonetheless, the plot’s main tendency is to show that while circumstances have pushed Laura dangerously close to emotional chaos, she has more innate integrity than every other character in the novel, male or female: That doesn’t mean a girl’s sexy, Mr.

The novel contains a very telling scene that ought to have been in the film. Nothing much seems to have changed in the decades since Vera Caspary published her novel – tabloids and TV’s are still filled with gory murders and unfounded speculations, offered to us as newsworthy.

Laura (novel) – Wikipedia

McPherson soon begins to wonder how a smart girl like Laura managed to surround herself with such morally empty people, their arrogance and gutter ethics only surpassed by their lack of character.


There are some amazing twists and turns as the book progresses, and there are very few other crime novels to which one might compare it. McPherson is entranced by the portrait of Laura that hangs in cawpary living room of her home, and the more he learns about the lauura, the more his feelings for her grow.

The author uses light and darkness, shadows and storms, flowers and foreshadowing, to highlight scenes and create atmosphere. Laura by Vera Caspary. I fancy myself a pensive figure drawn, without conscious will, into a love that was born of violence layra destined for tragedy. In the first instance, the self-indulgent man dismissed the woman, who then said she feels sorry for him.

He has lauta recovered from being shot, and so not only is he gaining a reputation for being smart and creative, but he has also proven his metal as well. Throughout Caspary wrote — articles, stories, plays, screenplays, and novels — with varying success. This book was really wonderfully written. I found myself re-reading lines over and over just to marvel over their brilliance.

Laura is made up of five parts, four parts are first person narrative and one part is a stenographic report of the statement made by Shelby J Carpenter. The romance was somewhat more believable than the movie oops, not comparing those two anymore and I thought the balance of the three suitors and what they represented to Laura was interesting.