View and Download Lenze series operating instructions manual online. Inverter Drives Variant Dancer-position control with Torque control. series. vector. System/Component overview. Lenze. FU vector en 11/ 3. System overview/Selection guide. Communication modules e.g. keypad or. PROFIBUS. Get Lenze IB Manual. Get all Lenze manuals! with optical fibre cable together with the controller series as of E DC controller E 5x. 6x.

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Under CO02 you tan also load the factory setting.

Automatic Dc-injection Brake Ventilators, a maximum of 30s. Because of the generation of leakage currents, the RFI filters must be connected to earth.

Dancer-Position controller with speed and diameter Diameter detection via analog input of the dancer-Position controller via ramp function Soft insertion generator or multiplication with the main setpoint Sensor compensator for fault and diameter corrections Torque control with 86600 limitation Approvals types to VDEVDE reg.

Gain the Signal gain after the offset adjustment. Signal Of The Ultrasonic Sensor: Preceeding zeros may be omitted. Set parameter operating mode L-C to or This symbol refers to items of information intended to facilitate operation. Initial Switch-on Initial switch on After mains connection the controller is ready to operate after approx. Now a parameter setting is possible via the keypad.


Enter address of the desired parameter elnze the field “index and subindex” DP output data 3. DP parameter setting channel For the DP parameter setting channel, parameter setting and diagnosis is possible in the user data operation. Monitor Outputs The controller has two monitor Outputs terminals 62 and 63to output internal Signals as voltage or current Signals. Winding with diameter detection and dancer When changing the operating mode, also the operating unit or one of the LECOM interfaces are available.


You can recognize Lenze code numbers by the preceeding letters “L-C” e. Sinusoidal output voltages to supply electronie devices. Considered basic Standards for the test of noise immunity: Relays with gold-plated contacts have proven for this. Lenzs reference variable is multiplied by the inverse of the face value factor and is mapped to L-C Servo controller PP.

Overlay Of Position Controller These operating instructions are valid for the interface modules as of nameplate designation: Freely Assignable Digital Inputs Initiate The initiate service is used for the logic initiation between two participants. Face value factor Bhex The parameter “face value factor” is used to change the resolution or the setting range of the set-value input.


Accessories Accessories Accessories are not included in the scope of supply. Digital Frequency Output X9 option Another possibility is to activate a torque control.

Gain Adjustment – Radius Signal The accessories included adapters with Optical transmitter and cables, data transmission with a very high immunity to interferences is possible. Set parameter code set L-C to When using several mounting plates they must be connected with lense large surface as possible e-g. Notes about restrictions of DP functions in the operating mode mixed operation are given on page Explanation Bus 860 Service designation: The inforrnation is identical with that under C, with the differente that you tan read the controller value directly thus excluding conversion errors.


Page 6 6 Accessories 6.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The controller is inhibited RSP and waits for command 3 switch on. Sensorless Diameter Detection 1. Adjustment Of The Io Setpoint We distinguish between two operating modes: Furthermore, these Signals tan be adjusted in the best possible way by setting facilities. The bus system is not interrupted if you disconnect the plug from the controller.

Technical Data Of Motor Filters Configuration Using code CO05 you tan determine the internal control structure and the use of the setpoint and act.

Reset Of The Diameter Compensator To activate the diameter compensator the threshold which is to be must set under C94 be decreased so that the dancer-Position controller tan be activated.

Page 7 4 Closed-loop speed control 4. The RFI filter must always be connected to earth at first even if you only want to test the Otherwise, the System is not protected against shock. Ratings Of Rfi Filters This depends on the selected operating mode Cool.