Comparison Charts – to Tune Book and Song Book The Song Book of the Salvation Army is the official hymnal of the international organization. Salvation Army Music Index. Which index would you like to view? Brass. Vocal. About. Contribute. Contact. Website by Caffull Ltd. Contribute. Thank you for. The New Band Tune Book of The Salvation Army Book 1 – Nos See the list of songs in the new tune book.

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What will the cost of the new songbook be please? It has been put boook pasture years ago, but for a few still lingering upon shelves of Salvation Army libraries or others who feel sentimental like me. Is it to do with different copyright laws or who holds the various copyrights?

Is it good, bad, kind of the same?

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Just a few of my frustrations. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This has seen the addition of new features, such as key Bible references above every song.

You are commenting using your WordPress. For more information about the song book and those who created the new books, check out this article by Major Christina Tyson. amy

Work on the new edition, particularly song selection, was well under way when he handed oversight of this task to his successor. On Monday, May 25,Michael Pressland said: Yes some songs are changed with different words that we use in the States, but I am so enjoying scriptures to each song and the change. It is the local responsibility of each ministry unit to budget for the minimum cost of the new song book and tune book. This also help in remembering the words.

Piano Tune Book (Spiral Bound) Vol. 1 Scores 1-530

As for seeing the new SB sitting in the pews, I have the feeling that, too, may be history — thanks to modern media. I guess that some people ie me are never happy but also realise the challenges of compiling a song book for our international Army and that what might be relevant here in Australia may not be in every English speaking Territory.


What happened to the shepherds quaking? It goes without saying that they have stood the test of time, which will not be the case for some of the contemporary songs tube here today, gone tomorrow, including the musical accompaniment.

We have been told that it will be, but we have no further details xalvation this and do not know when or at what salvahion.

On Sunday, June 7,Margaret Watson said: What are the differences between walvation North American and UK songbook? It has been confusing for our volunteers lately. I, for one, would like to see the old songbooks and their tune books preserved for the future. Do I have to order supplies for my ministry unit? With all these additions, you will still find many of the classic hymns and old Army songs, making tube a wonderful collection of words and music for a new generation of The Salvation Army.

So I have dropped out of a cycle of songbook, the last one having passed me by completely. I like it but have some reservations. And back toSilent Night.

On Monday, May 25,Captain Margarita martinez said: Some details concerning the song book may differ in salvxtion territories. On Tuesday, August 25,Matt said: On Monday, May 25,Teresa Tuck said: On Monday, May 25,Matt Little said: Another change is the order of songs. One issue is that while the print version of the song book has been available for months, the electronic version has not yet been made available to us.

Our salavtion, if they do not purchase a SB for their own personal use, will miss a very important tool for their devotional time. Our friends at Brasscrest.


The price is listed in Canadian dollars. What about tue you mentioned when using it for personal devotions.

I have only been an officer for 5 years and so far have never used the Song Book. Preliminary orders for the tune books were placed in November, and preliminary orders for the words editions were submitted in January. There has been a significant increase in the number of songs included and salvatioon is sqlvation in the number of pages required for the tune book.

From a corps perspective, soldiers xalvation and large, enjoy seeing this new song book among the pews. Although, I realize that I too am not always amenable to change. Is this an error? Songs books for personal use are a personal cost. I like the mix of traditional and contemporary songs. However, it looks like they are all the same.

I’m looking forward to our newest SA songbook! We are therefore expecting delivery to the Supplies and Purchasing Department in mid- to late-August and will begin our distribution immediately following. In the meantime, these free downloadable copies of historical versions of the Song Book might be of interest.

Why are you asking for an order so early if it bbook not being released in July and so few details are currently known? As a retired officer, I, too, am pleased that many of the old songs are included, as has been the case for prior editions. The vision for the latest edition came from General Shaw Clifton, who convened a Song Book Council ina year before his retirement as the Army’s international leader.

The UK is much easier to read.