Sea Witch by New York Times bestselling author Virginia Kantra. Children of the Sea series. 1 Jul First in the new The Children of the Sea series— from the USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR. Margred is a Selkie—a legendary being of the. First in the new The Children of the Sea series – from the USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR. Margred is a Selkie – a legendary being of the sea, able to.

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The story starts out with our Chief witfh what he is best at, his job. For me, however, Caleb was a bit too beta for my taste, and Margred, the heroine wasn’t my cuppa. Home What’s new Latest activity Authors.

Sea Witch-Virginia Kantra

Caleb and Maggie are a sweet couple. May 17, Trish rated it really liked it Shelves: Er hat ein wahnsinns Verantwortungsbewusstsein.

Dieses Buch hat mich vom Klappentext und auch vom Cover her von Anfang an angesprochen. She promises to return to him knowing full well she will not for she is Selkie and that is not their way.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The story kept me entertained and I’m headed to pick up the second book, “Sea Fever” now. Caleb in der Er – Form, Maggie in der Sie – Form und auch der “Gegner” Maggies, welcher manchmal etwas undurchsichtig schien, sodass man nicht gleich wusste, was oder wer er war, was er beabsichtigte.


He played the role usually reserved for super irritating females that are sweeter than pie and perfect. I had a hard time relating to her and too many times I felt she was selfish and it turned me off, despite the fact the author set virinia her personality well and tie I loved the premise of this series, and the world building.

I don’t appreciate that character type any more in a man than I do in a woman. It is the source of this books conflict. Also by Virginia Kantra.

Nach dem ersten Satz hatte ich mich erst einmal gefragt: I had a harder time warming up to Margred or Maggie as Caleb called herand I’m still not sure I did at that. I loved the isolated Maine setting but really hope to see more of the Selkie’s world later in the series. He’s mentally virginua and even though somewhat limited physically, he doesn’t let that stop him. It’s romantic but really really sad.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I couldn’t wait to but the next book. She witcj a selkie!

Sea Witch by Virginia Kantra — All About Romance

While finishing up he comes upon Margred in her human form and sexual sparks start to fly right away. View all 89 comments. He seemed to have his heart in the right place. Virginia Kantras Schreibstil hat mich erst einmal ordentlich geschockt. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.

This read was passionate, had a hint of danger, and made me shed a tear at one point. As long as they die with their pelts on they are reborn. She wanted stability instead of flowing through life. But I do like Maggie character. June 25, Publication Date: Margred seemed to go from a stoic, emotionally self contained selkie, to a sobbing quivering mess in no time flat.


But they have wicked hot sex, and we meet Lucy, Cal’s younger sister-who turns out to have some sort of power, but no one-least of all Lucy-knows it. However Selkie society is never developed so that readers will have problems accepting the species as real especially a Selkie human half-breed.

By that I mean that the author succeeded in making her inhuman, but her lack of humanity was too much of a kahtra for me to overcome until the very end of the book, which was too late. Thread starter Alternative Worlds Start date Jun 22, Caleb Hunter is a tall handsome man with sea green eyes that could trap your soul.

She’s very selfish and thinks of humans as beneath her, unless she has a use for them.

Even after she gets what she wants from him and leaves, she can’t forget him. I struggled to like her and found her sudden virginka of love a bit forced. Long before the continents drifted apart, the mountains of Maine and the highlands of Scotland were one great ridge.